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Monthly Update from Orphanage

Children’s activities

Government Inspection On the 2nd of July the Government came to do an inspection of the orphanage and found everything in order. They said that it is clean and they could not find any problems. 

Allison’s Memorial  On the 5th of July the monks came to BTNC to do a 100day memorial for Allison. 

Visit Palm Oil Plantation  On the 7th of July the children and staff visited the Palm oil plantation to fertilize the trees,

Health check On the same day the staff also inspected everyone’s health and washed their hair with medicated shampoo to get rid of lice.

Tiger’s documentation On the 8th of July the staff did a follow up on Tiger’s ID and documentation because his disability needs to be identified. They need all the information for his new school in Chumpon

Visit to Tsunami-Memorial On the 18th to 19th of July the children and the staff went to the Tsunami-memorial to help clean, cut the grass and pull out weeds. 

Prison Visit On the 21st of July the prison had a ‘relative-day’ and the staff took Jean to visit his father. Cha-Cha also took their little girl to go and visit her husband and mother who are both in jail. 

Road safety lecture On the 22nd of July the children went to a lecture about the traffic rules and general road safety hosted by the Rotary club of Takua Pa. 


Art Activities  The children are given the opportunity to improve their creative & Artistic skills and also  to  express, their  emotion  though   art. Some   of   the activities done in July include: * Teaching kindergarten students to draw and how to use different colors to make patterns. * Teaching them to draw an elephant, fish and flower with basic shapes using colored pencils. * Teaching them to color-in the pictures. * Teaching Grade 1 – 6 students to mix other colors from red, yellow and blue.   * Teaching them to depict a still life moment using paint. They were encouraged to draw their inspiration from the surrounding nature. * Teaching them to paint flowers. * Teaching them to paint bicycles * Students from Auckland University in New Zealand joined us for art activities. * Some students made “Thank you” cards for our visitors * We decorated the art activity room.


Making merit On the 30th of July they took the children to go and make merit in the morning and in the afternoon they went to the Apai Samut Temple. 



Activities Photos and details of activity

Life Experience activities. These activities are done to encourage the children to learn how to interact with their environment. To learn how to solve problems and practice using their language skills to communicate, as well as learning how to use their five senses. The activities included  a demonstration, discussion and a role play activity where they practised their new skills. 

Oral Health Education. At the moment oral health is a big problem due to several factors, including the change in food structures and a lack of dental care. This affects the development of children of all ages. When children are 0-5 years old it is a good time to teach them about oral hygiene since this will affect their overall development in the future. This month we’ve had a ‘beautiful teeth’ contest to improve awareness amongst the children in a fun way. We also had a demonstration on the proper way to brush your teeth and encouraged the children to take responsibility for their oral health.    

Story Session On the 18th of July the Kindergarten teachers had a story session with the children where they read them different stories from books. This was done to encourage them to learn through stories and use their imaginations. The children enjoy learning through stories and fairy tales.


Outdoor Activities Early childhood education activities are held every Wednesday. Children are encouraged to move around freely and do exercises that will help their physical development. Every Wednesday we do a different activity or play a game using different sports equipment. 


13th of June 2015

The children had project training in recreation and learned how to improve their quality of life. This was hosted by the Provincial Government of tourism and sport in Phang-Nga at BTNC. 50 Children from BTNC  attended as well as 20 children from Sanfan and 30 from Yaowawit. They had fun and learned a lot.


14th of June 2015

The children went on a field trip to a forest in Phang Nga Province. They went to the Phung Chang Cave, the Phang Nga Conservation office and also to the museum. It was a good experience for them.


Art classes (On Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3pm)

 This month the children learned how to use water colors. How to mix other colors from primary colors. Then they had to paint their own pictures by using their imaginations. Each picture came out different.


Swimming classes from 1pm -2.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

This month 10 children attended the course. 8 children passed and 2 did not make it. They have to learn again with a new group.


Dancing (09.30 -11:30) on Saturdays and Sundays

The children learn how to dance and practice routines. They also do meditation. This is good for their development, balance and memory            



Wai Kru Ceremony

On the 18th of June it was the annual Wai Kru Ceremony. This day is an important part of the traditional Thai education system. Children bring flowers to the teachers as a symbol of respect and their readiness to learn. During the ceremony the children bow down in front of the teachers as a sign of respect while presenting the flowers. BTNC do this activity to help the children understand the tradition and to learn to respect their teachers.



Earthquake safety drill

In case of an unexpected earthquake or emergency we have a safety plan in place for the children. We let them practise this safety drill to ensure that that they will know what to do. During this activity the teachers explained what to do. They gave the signal with a siren and all the children had to grab their bags and go outside.



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