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08 April 2015
Visit to the UK

Seven children plus Rotjana and retired teacher, Sirin travelled over to the UK on a trip sponsored by HATWUK. This is the third trip to the UK sponsored by HATWUK and each visit has been a tremendous success.

On this visit the kids stayed on Skye for eight days enjoying trips around the north west of the island. Before returning to Thailand they also visited Belfast, Durham, London, Hull, Leicestershire and Lancashire.

It is always such a pleasure to host these visits, with their big smiles, the kids love meeting people, telling their stories, singing songs and dancing as well as learning about our culture here in the UK.

On this visit they met seals, a bagpiper and played in the snow for the first time.

Unfortunately the weather on Skye was appalling so having travelled from 40 degrees heat in Thailand to just 3 degrees here, they found it pretty cold.

Throughout their stay, they entertained different groups with both traditional Thai and English songs as well as traditional Thai dancing.


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